December 24, 2010
PaderSyncFM has been selected as a Regional Selection in the 2010 BlackBerry Partners Fund Super Apps Developer Challenge.


PaderSyncFM and PaderSyncSSH have been updated for the BlackBerry (OS 4.7 and above) and Android platforms. Builds for JavaME devices and the other apps will follow in a few days. There have been quite a few changes, so check it out. PaderSyncFM and PaderSyncSSH will be on sale for the rest of the year for only USD 9.99 each!

May 24, 2010
File transfer in progress.

File Manager and WebDAV Updates

This is a minor bugfix release to solve a problem where file specific commands would not show up properly in the file manager applications. And the WebDAV apps received an update to handle the HTTP 408 response properly.

February 13, 2010
File transfer in progress.

File Manager Updates

I have updated the file manager applications. The price has been reduced to USD 9.99 for PaderSyncFTP, PaderSyncSFTP, PaderSyncDAV and PaderSyncSMB. PaderSyncFM, the all in one application, is now available for only USD 19.99. Unfortunately there is no longer a free version for any of the products, sorry folks.

In addition to the price update I made some code changes to improve file system navigation and add a few minor bugfixes and requested features.

January 18, 2010
SSH terminal overview. Click to see a larger image.

PaderSyncSSH updated to 1.0.4

Another PaderSyncSSH update with a few user interface changes and bugfixes. On touch screen devices you can now simulate the enter key by a long press on the terminal screen. Also, the device's default select method (trackball click, etc.) will simulate the enter key while the view is locked with the 'L' button.

More changes and infos in the Changelog.

December 28, 2009
BlackBerry SSH app.

PaderSyncSSH updated to 1.0.3

The mobile SSH client got updated today. This release features new Telnet support, improved ANSI graphics and passwords no longer have to be stored on the device. Even though the PaderSyncSSH password function allows to encrypt all sensitive user data, you can now decide not to store passwords at all. In that case a password is requested on demand and will be valid during a single PaderSyncSSH session only.

More changes and infos in the Changelog.

December 18, 2009

PaderSync on Windows Mobile

Attempting to run mobile Java applications on Windows Mobile devices can sometimes be an annoying task, caused by the various Java runtime environments that are pre installed on some devices. While I have no Windows Mobile device myself, I have been informed that there is a nice Java environment for download at It is free for personal and commercial (internal) use.

December 15, 2009

And now for something completely different ...

I have assembled a site with some sample code and information about how to build LWUIT applications for the BlackBerry or the Android platform. If you are a programmer and already use LWUIT you might want to have a look here.

November 24, 2009

PaderSync Updates

PaderSyncSSH version 1.0.2
PaderSyncFM version 1.1.19
PaderSyncFTP version 1.0.13
PaderSyncSFTP version 1.0.14
PaderSyncSMB version 1.0.13
PaderSyncDAV version 1.0.13

This is a bugfix release to correct the broken synchronization feature from the last release.


November 20, 2009

PaderSync Support Forum is so kind to host a new forum dedicated to the PaderSync apps. This is a good place for discussions if you have questions about the PaderSync products, if you want to provide some feedback or want to talk about the involved technologies/protocols. is a huge BlackBerry community, but there are forums for other smartphones, too. And the new PaderSync forum is certainly not restricted to any smartphone platform. Of course you can always contact me directly.

I also want to note that I have updated the Android files. There was a problem on the new Android 2.0 devices where no permission was granted to write to the memory card. This is now fixed.

November 15, 2009

PaderSync Updates

PaderSyncSSH version 1.0.1
PaderSyncFM version 1.1.18
PaderSyncFTP version 1.0.12
PaderSyncSFTP version 1.0.13
PaderSyncSMB version 1.0.12
PaderSyncDAV version 1.0.12

This release features small bugfixes and a modified synchronization feature that no longer stores meta data on the file system. And the user interface has been improved for new high-resolution Android devices.

The 20% discount for PaderSyncSSH has been extended until November 18th!


October 30, 2009
SSH on BlackBerry showing splash screen.

PaderSyncSSH 1.0.0 Released!

This is the initial release of Pader-Sync SSH for BlackBerry®, Java ME and Android™ There is a 20% discount until November 15th!

October 27, 2009
Screenshot showing file browsing on local memory card.

PaderSync Updates

PaderSyncFM version 1.1.17
PaderSyncFTP version 1.0.11
PaderSyncSFTP version 1.0.12
PaderSyncSMB version 1.0.11
PaderSyncDAV version 1.0.11

This release comes with a new quicksearch option, support for powerful regular expression file filters and seamless opening of remote files. The files will be cached on the memory card and can be uploaded again if they have been modified.

For more changes check the changelog.

September 4, 2009

PaderSync Updates

PaderSyncFM version 1.1.16
PaderSyncFTP version 1.0.10
PaderSyncSFTP version 1.0.11
PaderSyncSMB version 1.0.10
PaderSyncDAV version 1.0.10

This is a bugfix release to fix a problem where a copy operation could fail and create a broken file copy on the local file system.

For more changes check the changelog.

August 16, 2009
File transfer in progress.

PaderSync Updates

PaderSyncFM version 1.1.15
PaderSyncFTP version 1.0.9
PaderSyncSFTP version 1.0.10
PaderSyncSMB version 1.0.9
PaderSyncDAV version 1.0.9

The trial period has been extended to 30 days. Within that time you can test the full featured software with no obligation to buy. After that the installed application will automatically disable a few features and continue to run as a free version!

All applications are now available in two versions:

Free for non-commercial use: You get to use it for free but not all features are available.

Full version: You need to purchase a license and get all features, a lifetime license and future updates.

Click here for details about the two editions. For more changes check the changelog.

June 29, 2009

PaderSync Updates

PaderSyncFM version 1.1.14
PaderSyncFTP version 1.0.8
PaderSyncSFTP version 1.0.9
PaderSyncSMB version 1.0.8
PaderSyncDAV version 1.0.8

Performance on BlackBerry devices has been improved. And new installation files are available for the Android platform. For more changes check the changelog.

June 23, 2009
BlackBerry SSH app.

Mobile SSH App

I have been working on a mobile SSH client for BlackBerry®, Java ME and Android platforms. Check it out if you are interested. It is still in BETA state and I am looking for feedback.